Happy Feet has a home!

We are happy to announce that Happy Feet has been adopted by his foster family. We want to thank all of you that have been keeping up and sharing his story. And if you would like to open up your home to foster please let us know.



Story Time


Finally, a children’s book I’d like to read! Recently, there’s been a book trend centered around stories about our favorite bullies–pit bulls! Most of these books are geared towards children, but they are beautiful stories of rescues, triumphs, adoptions, and most importantly LOVE. Love for a breed that has it ruff. Here’s a few of my favorites with the links at the bottom of this post.


Saving Audie is the journey of a dog rescued from Michael Vick’s dog fighting ring. This is one of my personal favorites because it was given to me by my mother. Now the reason why that’s so special is because not so long ago, she was one of the people we try so hard to sway. When I told her about adopting my first dog (a pitbull/daschund mix) she was horrified and convinced my little puppy would rip my hand off. She finally got used to my bully mutt, but she still wasn’t a fan of pitbulls. About a year ago we adopted an elder bull named Buck and she was once again convinced he would hurt us or eat babies or something ridiculous. Well, our circumstances changed and we needed my parents to dog-sit Buck for a month and she was very wary. All it took was a week and she fell in love! She was sending me pictures of him lounging around outside with them, cuddled in his bed, and many others. Buck singlehandedly changed my mother’s opinion on pitbulls. So much that she bought this book for my future children so that I can teach them to not judge a book by its cover. So yes, this book is special.


A great bedtime book with pictures of rescue puppies looking adorable and sleepy.


If you don’t cry reading this book, then you have no heart! It’s beautiful and inspiring and reminds you that there are amazing people in the world. Plus Oogy is just the cutest!

So ladies and gents, let’s hit the books!

The first book can be found on amazon here

You can find out more info about the rest of the books on Stubby Dog and while you’re there, check out the rest of the website as it has great resources for pitbull lovers.


Volunteer Opportunities and More!

Hello SugarHeart Supporters!
We are looking for volunteers! Are you good at Photoshop and would like to help with magazine layout for a good cause? Would you like to host an event or even pass out flyers? We would love to have you! Email us at infosugarheartinc@gmail.com

Also, please contact us if you would like to become a foster and live in the Onslow County area (NC) please contact us. We know how scary it can be to commit to being a foster, but we strive to make sure every pup has a place to call home!! Thanks for all of your support! ❤

Kat xo.

Love for the Terminally Ill Pups

I’ve been fairly quiet as of late, for that I do apologize.  

I wanted to repost a story that helps restore some faith in humanity.  I definitely needed it.  Yesterday I was having a conversation with a friend that works in the inner city of Baltimore.  He does maintenance and renovations in section 8 housing.  He was telling us that he has called the police more times that he cares to remember about dogs and dog fighting rings.  But, one night, after no real response, he went back to a house with bolt cutters and set several dogs free.  Dogs that were chained with weighted chains.  I can’t even think about it without getting so angry and just heartbroken.  So, without further ado, I give you

Terminally Ill Pit Bulls Get Last Chances at Love in College Station Homes


Yours Truly,

Cherry Valons   

Happy needs our help!

Hi my name is Happy Feet. Well that’s what these really nice people have been calling me lately. They call me that because every time I see them a just can’t stop dancing around. Something happens and my feet just go. It must be happiness. I don’t think that I ever feel that before, until now. I was thrown from a car on a dark and extremely cold night on a back country dirt road. The miracle thing about it is a really nice girl just so happened to be cutting though that dirt road on her way home and saw what those bad people did to me. She stopped and I jumped in to her arms. She brought me to this house with lots of other pups, happy pups. And this nice man and women looked me over. I was a little scared at first but they held me tight, and I just knew for the first time in my life that something good was going to happen to me.

Happy is an amazing little guy and we just can’t turn our backs on such a sweet soul. He deserves so much more from life than this. He is about 35 pounds under weight; he has a skin infection and sores on his feet. His teeth have been filed down. He has worms and needs to be fixed once he is well enough to do so. Can you please help us help him? He has already won us over and we just know that he is going to make someone very happy when he is ready for his forever home. We need you, Happy Feet NEEDS YOU! We will be posting more photos and videos on his journey so please follow him on our website.


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Suzy the therapy dog, kitten mama and pit bull!

We had the chance to hear Nikki Cravens story about  Suzy we loved it so much we just had to share it with you!

We love to hear stories about amazing people and their amazing pit bulls. Please send stories that you would like to share to dina.sugarheart@gmail.com

We added Suzy to our family about a year and a half ago. My husband, son and I went to a friend’s housewarming party. While we were there, we struck up a conversation with one of her neighbors. It just so happened that the neighbor’s son had a pit bull that he was looking for a loving home for. They loved Suzy as their family pet, however, his work schedule had changed. She needed a family that could spend more time with her. He brought over the dog so we could meet. It was love at first site! We made arrangements for me to come back a few days later to pick up Suzy so his little girl would have a chance to say good-bye. Upon leaving, her little girl gave her a bandana to remember her by. Suzy still has the bandana and wears it from time to time.

Suzy has been the perfect family pet since day one. She’s your typical pit bull – very intelligent and incredibly sweet. Not a day goes by that she isn’t mauled, hugged, squeezed and kissed by everyone in the family. Last summer we started obedience classes because I felt like she had a lot of potential that wasn’t being used. She’s very loving and obedient, and I thought she may make a good therapy dog. I could also tell Suzy was somewhat bored around the house and could use some more activity. Our vet suggested an obedience school. Suzy took right to it, picking up everything quickly. She passed her Canine Good Citizen test in August!

After passing her CGC test, I started looking for rest homes for Suzy to be a therapy dog at. Now, once a month, we visit a rest home where Suzy gives lots of kisses, and in return, gets lots of pets and hugs. She loves the people, attention and car rides.

Since Suzy loves being out and about and meeting people, I try to take her to various places as much as possible. Places like PetSmart, Home Depot and other dog friendly areas. This has provided another outlet to not only keep Suzy active and to proof her training, but to also bring pit bull awareness to people that might never meet an actual pit. I use to get upset when people would have a negative reaction to Suzy simply because of the way she looks, but now I see it as more of an opportunity to educate those people about pit bulls. It gives us the chance to discuss what’s hype, what’s myth and what is actual truth. What seems to really get the conversation going is when someone sees her in her therapy vest. Some will ask what a therapy dog is while some others will say that they did not know that pits could be therapy dogs. Suzy doesn’t care what people’s opinions are about her. She just wants her belly rubbed. And she usually gets what she wants.

Suzy Wuzy also stays busy at home now. She is the proud mama of a kitten that she found last June. She watches over him and our other two adult cats. She likes to post pictures of them on her Facebook page while also staying in touch with her previous family.

I couldn’t imagine our family without Suzy. She is our cuddle bunny, silly puppy, and when it’s chilly, my bed warmer. Her breed truly is a great family breed. I’m happy to have her and very happy to share how wonder she and others like her really are.

Pretty Suzy

Suzy with her kitty Khan

Suzy Downtown wearing her bandanna

Joe and Suzy

When we first met

Pawsitive Pit Bull Press

I’m always a big fan of some positive pittie press!  Today I wanted to share a great story involving Pets For Vets.  Pets For Vets, if you are not familiar, is an organization that pulls pups from kill shelters, rehabilitates them, and trains them as therapy/service dogs.  Then the dogs are paired up with a Veteran in need.  This particular story caught my eye because it pairs up a Veteran suffering from PTSD and a pit bull.

WARNING: This video may bring tears to your eyes!

Valentine’s Finesse (this one’s for the ladies!)

One of the biggest date nights is almost upon us!  As promised, I’m doing a Valentine’s follow up about hair and makeup for the evening out.  I’m going to keep it fairly simple and classic.

Since it is winter, leaving your hair down can add warmth on a chilly evening.  However, you don’t want straggly hair.  A great way to tame the mane is to add curl.  Fun, bouncy curls are easy to achieve for medium to long lengths by leaving your hair in twists, overnight.  I will attach a quick tutorial below.  I have done this on several occasions.  My hair is wavy, but it doesn’t always behave.  I have set my hair in twists the night before a meeting, an event, or just a day of relaxing.  For thicker hair, you may need to use smaller sections of hair for each twist.


Maybe you want to opt for an up-do, are thinking about victory rolls, but aren’t sure how to achieve them.  Victory Rolls can be tricky, especially if you are parting your hair down the middle and trying to make them even.  I prefer to use a side part.  Doing so, you can make one roll larger, and one smaller.  If you have bangs, you can also form two rolls a little farther back on your head, and then a third roll with your bangs.  Setting your hair with larger hot rollers is recommended, but this hairstyle can be accomplished without.  One of the most important steps is too tease, tease, tease.  I found two great tumblr photos showing exactly what I’m discussing, and the third picture is, yours truly!




Maybe you are looking for an up-do, but the victory roll is more exaggerated than you like.  Many days I put my hair back with a simple twist.  Again, I use a side part.  Then, I take the hair on each side of the part and twist it in towards the center of my head.  Once the hair is twisted back just passed my ear, I poof the hair forward and pin.  (I will attach pictures showing this.)  Then, I part the back of my hair in the middle, continue the twist, and complete the longer hair into a pin curl.  This an easy hairstyle, and it gets a lot of compliments!




Moving forward, on to makeup!  I prefer a fresh face rather than an overly done up face.  Marilyn Monroe wore some of the most classic, and simple makeup to date.  I love it!  Her look has stood the test of time, and it’s easy to mimic.  

What you want to do is take a white eye shadow and lightly dust it on the inside corner of your eye.  This will open the eye, giving the illusion of a larger eye.  Next, take cream shadow (you can use the white, but I prefer cream) and brush your brow bone and eyelid.  Careful to avoid your eyebrow.  Once you are satisfied with the shadow coverage, take a medium to slightly darker brown shadow and brush the crease of your eyelid.  This will give your eye definition.  For darker skin, you will want to use slightly darker shades of eyeshadow.  

Now, for the tricky part.  You can use an eyeliner pencil (which is easier), but liquid liner is best.  I have actually found an eyeliner marker that I love by Wet & Wild.  Take your liner and start at the inner corner of the eye.  Make a thin line close to your lash line, gradually getting larger as you draw across your eyelid.  As you draw to the edge of your eye lid you want to extend out into a cat eye point.  

Again, I took to tumblr for a pictorial tutorial, an example, and a picture of Marilyn, herself.  The fourth picture is from a photo shoot I did a number of years ago with the wonderful Ivy, aka Wandering Bohemian.  Aleksandr was the makeup artist.  She and I did some research to make sure we got the makeup just right.  Add the finishing touch with a lovely red lipstick for sultry lips!





Hope you all have a safe and wonderful Valentine’s Day!  Don’t forget to pick up issue #6 of Sugar Heart Magazine!  MUAH!

Yours Truly,

Cherry Valons

Credits to: http://www.LoveMaegan.com; Photographer Wandering Bohemian; Makeup Artist Aleksandr